Record Desktop Screen With VLC Media Player

How to record screen on VLC media player. Anyone on the VLC media player can record what their computer is doing. You can upload this record to a YouTube channel by editing this record. There are also many screen record software in the market. but vlc media player recording system is very easy. follow below step. However, if you don’t understand, you can easily understand the video provided at the end of the post.

First open your VLC Media player, then go to “Open capture device”

  • Click on Capture device as shown below figure.
  • Change Capture mode: Select ‘Desktop‘ as shown in above figure.
  • Change Desired frame rate for the capture—- keep 30.00f/s as shown in above figure.
  • Change Destination file:
  • Go to the browse option and select the folder where you want to keep the screen record you are doing. (See above figure)
  • Now complete this processes, Record will start when click on start button. (See below picture)

See Complete Video given below

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