Send a Hidden Message Inside Photo

We can send hidden messages to anyone within any JPEG/JPG image, but no one can read this message. You can read this message only if you are a computer expert, we call staging in our computer language the message that is sent locally in photos. For ordinary people, stenography is all that is needed. However, we do not teach you to send such messages for any ill purpose or for any other purpose. It’s just that we teach in education. We will not be held responsible if you learn to use stenography for malicious purposes and use it. Now let’s learn how to write a message in a photo, learn how to do it.

Suppose you have to hide some lines of text file (A.txt) with the image file (B.jpg) combine them in new file as (C.jpg)

First step– Open Windows key+r

Second step– write ”cmd” in the box, then enter

Third step– Go to folder by ”cd” command, where your A.txt and B.jpg file available ( Example- cd Desktop/Hide; ”Hide” is name of our folder. you will keep your message inside A.txt file )

4th step– write this command line given below

copy /b B.jpeg+A.txt C.jpg

(Note- In above code, keep space after “copy”, “/b” and before C.jpg. See properly)

then Enter, A new file C.jpg appear in your Hide folder. U can Send C.jpg file in your friend. If your friend right click on the photo, he/she get properties. If click on properties, he/she will get message of last line of code.

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