How to control any Computer/laptop through Mobile Phone

How to control any desktop or laptop with mobile. All the work of the computer can be done with the help of mobile. Even if all the work you do on the computer can be seen on the mobile screen. First search the ‘Google Web Store’ in the Google search bar. Go to the Google Web Store and search for ‘Google Remote Desktop’. Then go to the mobile play store after the required settings are complete. Search and install the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ in the mobile play store. Then ask for the PIN number on the mobile. Enter the pin you entered in the computer browser on your mobile. Then you can operate your computer with the help of mobile.

STEP-1: First, Open your Chrome Browser. Type ‘google web store‘ on Search Bar. (Follow given picture)

STEP-2: See on Left corner, Search the store square box is under Chrome web store. Type ‘google remote desktop‘ this Search box then Enter. (Follow given picture)

STEP-3: You will see ‘Chrome Remote Desktop‘ on your Computer Screen. Double click on it. (Follow given picture)

STEP-4: On right side of your Screen, you will see ‘Add to Chrome‘ Dialog Box, Click on it. (Follow given picture)

STEP-5: Click on Add extension. (Follow given picture)

STEP-6: Open new google window, then Search remote desktop then Click on Dialog box name is ”Access my computer” (Follow given picture)

STEP-7: Downlode Chrome remote Desktop app. Install the downloaded file. (Follow given picture)

STEP-8: Install the Downloaded file.

STEP-9: Open then click on Turn on. (Follow given picture)

STEP-10: Give the computer name as you wish. Then click on the Next button. (Follow given picture)

STEP-11: Enter any 6-digit PIN number from 0 to 9 as you wish. (Follow given picture)

STEP-12: After entering the PIN number, click on the Start. (Follow given picture)

STEP-13: Now the complete setup of the computer is over. Everything is fine if you see the name of the computer you gave and see online. Then you will know that your settings are completely correct. The mobile will then be connected to the computer after only two settings on your mobile. (See picture below).

STEP-14: Go to the Google Play Store on the mobile you want to connect with your computer. Then type in the Google Remote Desktop from the Google Play Store and download the app. (See picture below).

STEP-15: Open that app after the app is installed. You will see the name you gave to your computer on your mobile phone. And you will enter the PIN number you already gave on the computer on your mobile. Then the computer will be connected to your mobile. You can manage the computer with the help of mobile. (See picture below).

You can easily do all the settings by watching the video below. Please follow us.

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