Make QR-Code for your Phone number, Email-id, Website, Facebook and Many more

Create QR code with your phone number, email ID, Facebook, website, home address…etc. How to Create your own QR code (Quick Response Code).

You can make the color code of the QR Code as you wish. You can even make it in different Designs. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. But don’t forget to Subscribe by clicking on the red bell icon at the bottom of our website. If you have clicked on Bell Icon, you can get new technology from us.


Open your Computer or Mobile Browser. Then search this website

After opening this website, look at the URL, TEXT, EMAIL, PHONE, SMS, VCARD…etc written in one line. If you want to change the phone number to the QR code, click on the phone. Click on the email, if you want to encrypt your email ID with QR Code. Click on what you want to do. We explain through examples how to create a QR code with a Mobile number.

STEP-3: First, Enter Your Mobile No on Higlighted Box. Just above on Set Colors.
If you want to change the color of the QR code, you can change the color by clicking on Set Colors. It’s best not to click on it because you’re new Learner.


If you want to add a new photo or logo, click on the upload image. Then browse the photo you want from the folder and click OK. Click on any logo given below as you are new to learning. It will be easier for you.

After selecting the logo, look at the Black QR code Photo on the right side. Given create QR code. Click on the Create QR Code.

Then place your mouse over the Download PNG and click. Then the download will start. Now your QR code is generated.


Now your QR code is generated. Scan this QR code in the QR code scanner on your mobile. You can see the phone number given in the code. If the QR code application is not on the mobile, go to the Play Store and download the QR code scanner.


What is the meaning of QR- code

It is the short form of ‘‘Quick Response code’

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