How to run Video in PDF File

Occasionally there will be a PDF file coming to our mobile. If you see some photos in that PDF file and click on it, the website link opens. How to send a website link or video link to a photo in a PDF file. This is very easy way to do it. But most do not know how this happens. First open a Microsoft word file on your Desktop. Copy some photos to this word file as well. Rearrange the photo once it has been copied. Once downloaded, right-click on the photo and go to the link option. Then convert the Microsoft word file to PDF. Click on the photo you are viewing in PDF. The link will open as soon as you click on the photo. If you don’t know, follow the instructions in the video given last of this Topic.

STEP-1: Open your Microsoft Word File (Given below).

STEP-2: Drag any Photo from Desktop to your Word File or Copy the photo and paste it as shown below.

STEP-3: Take mouse cursor and Right click on any Photo as shown given below. Click on ‘Size and Position

STEP-4: You can change Height and Width of Photo. Here is given Height of photo 8.9cm and width 5.58 cm. You can change it as your wish. But you should keep in mind, you have to remove the Tick symbol from the ‘Lock Aspect Ratio‘ and ‘Relative to original picture size‘ . (See given picture).

STEP-5: After above process, Right-click on the photo you have resized. (See below photo).

STEP-6: Right click on Link option.

STEP- 7:
You will see a Dialog box called Insert Hyperlink. You can paste it here by simply copying any video or website link in the ”address bar” without making any modifications anywhere, then click ”OK”. For example, I pasted link for example. (See given picture below )

STEP-8: After all the above processes, convert the file Microsoft Word to PDF. First go to the Save As option of the Word file and specify the file name with the destination where to save the file. After naming the file, right-click on the Save As type and select PDF. Finally save the file. ((See below picture))

STEP-9: Where you saved the PDF file. Go there and open the PDF file. And as soon as you click on the photo there, the link video or website you gave directly will open. Anyone who shares this PDF file will have the link open as soon as they click. If you want more technology, please click on the Bell icon to become Our subscriber. When new posts are posted, they will reach you.

STEP-10: See Complete Video below about it.

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What is fullform of PDF ?

PDF means Portable Document Format.

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