IPv6 is the next Generation of IP address, It is 128-bit hexadecimal address. Hexadecimal uses both numbers and alphabets.

76DC: 4F59: 34Cf: 71CD: 9DC6: 89CD: 45D6: 67A2

Capable of Producing over 340 undecillion addresses.


IPv6 is 128-bit hexadecimal address.

It consists of 8 sets of 16 bits.

How to convert IPv6 to hexadecimal No.

Each hexadecimal character represents 4 bits.

Cannot use a double digit number to represent 4 bits.

In hexadecimal , double digit numbers are represented with a single alphabet (A-F).

So Hexadecimal no of 00101101 00101101 is 2D. we can calculate hexadecimal no in this process.

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