Mobile internet speed will double, how ?

In today’s hectic world, internet use is on the rise. Everyone from school children to adults has a mobile phone in their hands. Various mobile operators are providing internet services. Some operators have net speeds while others are slow. However, while some Internet service providers provide speed internet services, sometimes due to environmental reasons, internet speeds are reduced on our mobile phones. There are many reasons for this. However, we will tell you one of the reasons why you can increase your network speed. There is no need for technical people to do this. Just go to the settings on your mobile and check. First go to the settings of the Android phone you are holding, you will see a search bar option. Type SIM status in the search bar. Then you will see the SIM status. Click on Sim Status. Click on the sim no. on which you are using the Internet.If the signal strength is above 100 dBM, there will be reduced internet speed. You can look around the house, where the signal is below 100 dBM. Internet where the signal is less than 100 dBM, your mobile internet speed will be higher. Remember that if the DBM stays close to 85, the internet speed is normal. Take a look at the screenshots below, you can easily understand the settings.

STEP-1: First open the settings on your mobile Phone.

STEP-2: Once the setting is open you will see a search Bar on above. typing SIM status in the search bar.

STEP-3: The status page will be open. On this page, click on the SIM status of the SIM you are using the Internet. (See above Picture)

STEP-4: Check Signal Strength

STEP-5: You will now see the Signal Strength option. If your signal strength is below 100, that’s fine. If you cross 100, your internet speed will decrease. If the signal strength is 75, it is excellent. To increase the signal strength, go around the house and see where the signal is below 80. Stay where the signal is below 80 and use the internet, the speed will definitely increase.

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