Clubhouse, the invite-only voice-based social media app, debuts on Android

May, 10 (Source-Teck Desk): The San Francisco-based company has started rolling out a beta version of its invite-only Clubhouse audio chat app to Android users. After being exclusive to iOS for more than a year, Clubhouse on Sunday debuted its Android app on the Play Store. The move will allow Android users to experience the popular audio-based social network for the first time. However, the beta app is currently live in the US but the company says the Android app will come to other English-speaking markets and then the rest of the world.

The arrival of Clubhouse on Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system, will only help increase the popularity of the app. Clubhouse began testing the Android app earlier this year. For those users outside of the US, they can pre-register their interest in the app via the Clubhouse page on the Play Store. Once the app is available in their country, the users will be notified. “Our plan over the next few weeks is to collect feedback from the community, fix any issues we see and work to add a few final features like payments and club creation before rolling it out more broadly,” the company said in a blog post.

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