As technology has evolved to be a part of our daily routine, it is taking a socially responsible stance. The world is not fine. Today we are batting away a deadly virus while also making moves to mitigate the threatening climate change. However, technology on the other hand is implying artificial intelligence for social good. From a technological point of view, the data gathered from across the globe can be used to innovate futuristic AI solutions that could address social causes. Besides, reports suggest that AI solutions can contribute to tackling cases across all seventeen of the UN’s sustainable development goals, potentially helping hundreds of millions of people in both advanced and emerging countries. Artificial intelligence for social good is making a significant impact in diverse sectors including education, urban planning, healthcare, and wildlife conservation. Major AI companies are also coming forward to address these societal challenges by unleashing disruptive AI solutions. AI companies in social good leverage a collaborative approach to demystify worldly issues. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed top tech companies applying artificial intelligence for social good.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI for Blind and Visually Impaired

Computer vision technology is seen as a gift to visually impaired people. Today, computer vision is being used in self-driving cars and a variety of other applications, driving a storm of disruption. Starting from drones to smart home appliances, everything is powered by computer vision. Although technology is a major contributor to digitization, its actual use case for social good was unleashed by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Seeing AI is capable of speaking text that appears in front of the device’s camera. Besides, the AI solution can also tell users what product is in front of them. Seeing AI performs face recognition and figure out who is in the room and can also recognize their emotions. It also performs currency recognition, which could help visually impaired people to identify the cash they are handing out.

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