Google Meet New automatic video lighting adjustment feature.

If problem arises during Google Meet Video lighting, Now don’t worry. Google Meet is bringing a new feature to correct poor lighting during video calls. Following the introduction of a low-light mode on mobile last year, the internet giant has now added a new feature that automatically detects when a Web user appears underexposed during a video call and enhances the brightness of their device to improve visibility. There’s no admin control for the new feature and users will be able to switch it off. Google says that the enabling light adjustment may slow down the device of the user.

Google announced the arrival of the new feature via a blog post. This setting is only available on desktop and iOS devices when using Google Meet for Web. Users can check for the automatic video lighting adjustment update by heading to More > Settings > Video > Adjust video lighting from your computer. When video lighting adjustment is on, Google Meet can detect. If the user is underexposed and the computer supports automatic recommendations, then Meet will prompt to turn the automatic video lighting adjustment feature.

Users can also turn off video lighting adjustment because having it enabled might affect the speed of the computer. Google says users may want to turn this feature off to allow other apps to run faster. According to its support documents, the automatic video lighting adjustment feature is available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.

However, the automatic video lighting adjustment feature requires a 64-bit operating system. It demands Chrome version M90 or above on Windows, Mac, or Linux; version M90 or above on Chrome OS; and Edge (Chromium) 90 or above on Windows or Mac with hardware acceleration enabled and WebGL.

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