WhatsApp chat migration tool: what happens between synced devices

USA, May, 7:: WhatsApp recently started testing chat migration between Android and iOS devices. This feature will let users transfer their whatsApp Chats when they switch from an Android device to an iOS one, and vice versa. We now have more details on what will happen when the chats are migrated, and the devices are in sync. According to new details Shared by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will display a notification with a message that reads, “Syncing with WhatsApp on another device.” This notification will appear once the WhatsApp chats are migrated to another device. It will be similar to how WhatsApp displays a notification when WhatsApp is activated.

Since the two devices will be synced, some chat functions will work on both the devices. Chat actions such as pinning a chat or starring a message are expected to work on both of these devices. But there are some features that will not work on the synced devices, WABetaInfo noted. These include deleting chats or deleting a specific message. So even if you delete a chat on a migrated device it won’t get deleted on the other one.

This feature is still in early development so there might be some changes later. Multi-device support itself is a major feature especially since it will enable syncing with iOS devices. At present, WhatsApp chats on Android are backed up on Google Drive, and on iCloud for iOS users. For chat migration, WhatsApp will most likely use Google Drive for iOS as well. There’s no word on when this feature but it will definitely be one of its biggest yet.

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