How to Add New users to your WordPress WebSite

Many news portals are currently using the WordPress website. So a wordpress website needs a lot of users. How can we increase the number of users in such a place? If you get admin power, you can create new users. However, if you are users, you cannot create new users. Users will pay attention when creating, what power to give users. Editors, subscribers, admins or anything else. So you can definitely create new users by watching this video.

STEP-1: First, Go to DashBoard. Click on ‘Users’

STEP-2: Click on Add New, see on top of the page. Give new User name, Email, Password…etc

STEP-3: Then Click on Add New User, on buttom of this page

STEP-4: If you Dont understand above method. See the Video given below about it.

How to Add new users WordPress WebSite ?


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